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August 24, 2010


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Klara Vol.1 by Kristina-Creative:thumb176604278::thumb176602077:Am I still loved? by StrixRexThe Subservient 6 by Solus-Photography:thumb176611518:The Subservient 4 by Solus-PhotographyThe Subservient 2 by Solus-PhotographyBlonds dont have more fun by duncs99PLEASE get me out of here? by duncs99Shape by ycxu:thumb176607273:The devil you know by duncs99Fuego 2010_o25 by br53199Kimberly Kane Carrots by stevedietgoeddeWe are closer than you think.. by MariaFleetwoodLauren I by pandoras-lunchboxSERVANT by alan1828Shiny Boots Of Leather by deannadeadly:thumb176602454::thumb176602714::thumb176602605:...on my knees and pray IV by RobertaFreakSee You In Hell by InerMisssep by OllieMadGirlMeggi 5-22.08.2010 by MOLEpolandBusiness by OsmynOreeKinbaku by cborgPamela 03 by md-photographiePast Dwindles Behind by ArtemisAestheticCyber punk 4 by FractalFreakPhotosget to titling by raphaelclass:thumb176540950::thumb176589238::thumb176525321::thumb176525479:Creepy Tub by Lady-EastwickErotics of Ballet 2 by Solus-PhotographyErotics of Ballet by Solus-PhotographyErotics of Ballet 4 by Solus-PhotographyErotics of Ballet 3 by Solus-Photography:thumb176519443:Hope and Abandonment 2.5 by slvice14:thumb176584950::thumb176583083:Are we human... by UniqueNudesBathroom Fetish by Lust4Fun:thumb176582833:In the abandonned House by Bateor:thumb176506329:lady of the lake by stanblet me hear your breathe. by cysiekemocysiekLynn 22 by md-photographie:thumb176479697::thumb176479552:corners by laslade-noirCrossing Over by KevinStilesMellow River by TaragonHidden Jewels by KevinStilesleaving soon by scottchurchRubelle in Paris by ilovefrenchgirls:thumb176454817::thumb176459138:Before the fall by Observer31Bridget in Water by delaLlave:thumb176569406::thumb176567974::thumb176425934:Forever by krazeedrocks:thumb176401324::thumb176400514:Katie IV by Talkingdrum:thumb176560279:The first rule is.. by rottencandy:thumb176379867:Vampire by JamilNasir54unmasked bride by amyoooChair Crash by JamilNasir54THORS HAMMER by Gesellbound by uliecksteinray of light by kahengraceappeal of the apples by LisaDeniseArchway by Koshka-Black:thumb176530355:Arches by P11OTORoswell Ivory by piratephotography:thumb176530307:13 by enfermoson 1 by enfermo:thumb176353467:Living Doll by Lucy-BladeRain:thumb176353319:9430 by urgApres Midi d'Ete...2 by DenisSaintClairVenMan-03 by 365erotic:thumb176525916:oana 3 by xtzcall cleaned up 2 by deadly-disillusionEoL Photography 8 by SallyCyanideEoL Photography 5 by SallyCyanideA Kind of Freedom by myroskiBeach Beauty by CoolvisionsCaptured beauty by Coolvisions:thumb176517965::thumb176516663:oana 2 by xtzcLet The Sunshine... by DenisSaintClair.: Rum Runner :. by ErographyImminent II by KinkyCoupleNO:thumb176516189::thumb176514912:From the darkness, ink by UniqueNudesLike a statue. by gil27Caitlin by Arnie01Pure Evil by tinkpan:thumb176280776:VenBla-01 by 365eroticAll-fours Pony Girl by Nikki-KantakaCloser to God by SpookyDigitalGirlblind faith by DavidSamsonRetro feet by KarelaUnaware 7374 by FrancoisDeWynter:thumb176511705:Mark Varley - Serve by Pinkerbell2:thumb176511145:Meggi 3-22.08.2010 by MOLEpoland:thumb176501647::thumb176502611::thumb176499660:Heart Of Paradise by dwingephotography:thumb176496693:Hidden Danger by Stripwalkerthe Peep and the Pussycat by sydeline:thumb176225833:never sunshine by LichtReizePanda by JungleMasterB and W by HelleosThe Warrior 02 by LatexImage:thumb176489276::thumb176487198:Sin City by paigetrashBy a Waterfall, VII by philneffVelocity by MojoKissStockings and Heels by Solus-Photography:thumb176484729:Sam 17 by RawShotzDon't Look Now by KevinStilesMonitor ii by mastertouchNude 1 by candhphotographySam14 by RawShotzHungarian Bride 2 by weathered182Jessy snakeskin dress 03 by DanSOLERIn red by ResonateWithin:thumb176477448:Study in Trichophilia by Solus-PhotographyFeel the light by dark-prince-frMiss Ashke Model by phil--astori:thumb176198872:BROTHEL by alan1828:thumb176187869:Broken by IlyaZubovCan you handle this? by kinkyfeatempty spaces by fernandaduarteOBNOXIOUS by alan1828Great Performances by AisiiSchnegge by ZetbehDCM by stanbFound in Nature by AnitaSadowska:thumb176473194:Sandra 5 by OpticalLimitsNX31 N1 by christophe-lecoqSofia and the abandoned house9 by BateorBareback Beauty II by Colette1982Ace 0082 by jmbamboosumisweet by robertofotoBeauty is the key by heart-ofvintage-laceBareback Beauty by Colette1982When love came here by rimolyne:thumb176464383:Come in my nylon web by dark-prince-frWeb Umbrella by dark-prince-frLeather Dress by TurquoiseIvy17-08-10 2 by Electro--Dollcan you tell time? by ISRangerChild 646 by MichalTokarczuk:thumb176115549:lick me 04 by franzvonrosenberg:thumb176460461:fiction by keytan:thumb176459889:Machine Gun by MissSoulsmuse-alter ego by yendor09gimp III by ronni:thumb176459433::thumb176459222::thumb176459496:Selective White Grapes by Lefty-Robear:thumb176457259::thumb176458829::thumb176454905::thumb176452287:moist breath 2 by VAMPIdor:thumb176454798:Loving Life-3 by afplcc:thumb176447199:

Lovely Artistic Nude and Fetish Featuresby Deadly-Wanderer

Journals / Art Features©2010-2014 Deadly-Wanderer
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Lust4Fun Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011
Thank you!
StrixRex Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2010
Thank you for including my work here. A kitchy selection, indeed. Hoped there will be a review in the form of some lines of text. But it works anyway, it seems.
KinkyCoupleNO Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2010
Thank you so much for the feature!! You know how to make a girl happy :hug:
TurquoiseIvy Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2010
thank you :heart: :D
pachnidelko Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010
thanks 4 adding me!! kisses
KevinStiles Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Professional General Artist
thanks for adding me into this collection - i appreciate the recognition...
Coolvisions Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
Awesome that my photos made it in!~ :D
coolgyingman Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
Why does it have to be all women? It seems a little bit unfair. =(
HGnade Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010   Photographer
mwoloshen Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2010
I was thinking the other day, at what point does fetish art become so ubiquitous that it is pedestrian? I mean, not that these are bad or anything, but I don't think many people are shocked when they see a woman in latex anymore. It's just sort of a thing that no one gives a second thought. Light bondage, leather, latex, fetish wear, etc. barely get a second look anymore from most large portions of the population, so are fetishes still fetishes or are they just regular?
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