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Submitted on
August 24, 2010


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Klara Vol.1 by Kristina-Creative:thumb176604278::thumb176602077:Am I still loved? by StrixRexThe Subservient 6 by Solus-Photography:thumb176611518:The Subservient 4 by Solus-PhotographyThe Subservient 2 by Solus-PhotographyBlonds dont have more fun by duncs99PLEASE get me out of here? by duncs99Shape by ycxuStairway by HeleneAtsukoThe devil you know by duncs99Fuego 2010_o25 by br53199Kimberly Kane Carrots by stevedietgoeddeWe are closer than you think.. by MariaFleetwoodLauren I by pandoras-lunchboxSERVANT by alan1828Shiny Boots Of Leather by deannadeadlyShadow by Arkandia:thumb176602714:Dreamy by Arkandia...on my knees and pray IV by RobertaFreakSee You In Hell by InerMisssep by OllieMadGirlMeggi 5-22.08.2010 by MOLEpolandBusiness by OsmynOreeKinbaku by cborgPamela 03 by md-photographiePast Dwindles Behind by ArtemisAestheticCyber punk 4 by FractalFreakPhotosget to titling by raphaelclass:thumb176540950::thumb176589238::thumb176525321::thumb176525479:Creepy Tub by Lady-EastwickErotics of Ballet 2 by Solus-PhotographyErotics of Ballet by Solus-PhotographyErotics of Ballet 4 by Solus-PhotographyErotics of Ballet 3 by Solus-PhotographyHelena II by HMSlatex-DesignsHope and Abandonment 2.5 by slvice14:thumb176584950::thumb176583083:Are we human... by UniqueNudesBathroom Fetish by Lust4Fun:thumb176582833:In the abandonned House by Bateor:thumb176506329:lady of the lake by stanblet me hear your breathe. by cysiekemocysiekLynn 22 by md-photographie:thumb176479697::thumb176479552:corners by laslade-noirCrossing Over by KevinStilesMellow River by TaragonHidden Jewels by KevinStilesleaving soon by scottchurchRubelle in Paris by ilovefrenchgirls:thumb176454817:Before the fall by Observer31Bridget in Water by delaLlave:thumb176569406::thumb176567974:Take me away by tazisdylanForever by krazeedrocks:thumb176401324::thumb176400514:Katie IV by Talkingdrum:thumb176560279:The first rule is.. by rottencandy:thumb176379867:Vampire by JamilNasir54unmasked bride by amyoooChair Crash by JamilNasir54THORS HAMMER by Gesellbound by uliecksteinray of light by kahengraceappeal of the apples by LisaDeniseArchway by Koshka-Black:thumb176530355:Arches by P11OTORoswell Ivory by piratephotographyPerspective 2 by Arkandia13 by enfermoson 1 by enfermo:thumb176353467:Living Doll by Lucy-BladeRain:thumb176353319:9430 by urgApres Midi d'Ete...2 by DenisSaintClairVenMan-03 by 365erotic:thumb176525916:oana 3 by xtzcall cleaned up 2 by deadly-disillusionEoL Photography 8 by SallyCyanideEoL Photography 5 by SallyCyanideA Kind of Freedom by myroskiBeach Beauty by CoolvisionsCaptured beauty by Coolvisions:thumb176517965::thumb176516663:oana 2 by xtzcLet The Sunshine... by DenisSaintClair.: Rum Runner :. by ErographyImminent II by KinkyCoupleNO:thumb176516189::thumb176514912:From the darkness, ink by UniqueNudesLike a statue. by gil27Caitlin by Arnie01Pure Evil by tinkpan:thumb176280776:VenBla-01 by 365eroticAll-fours Pony Girl by Nikki-KantakaCloser to God by SpookyDigitalGirlblind faith by DavidSamsonRetro feet by KarelaUnaware 7374 by FrancoisDeWynter:thumb176511705:Mark Varley - Serve by Pinkerbell2:thumb176511145:Meggi 3-22.08.2010 by MOLEpolandEquilibre by Arkandia:thumb176502611::thumb176499660:Heart Of Paradise by dwingephotography:thumb176496693:Hidden Danger by Stripwalkerthe Peep and the Pussycat by sydelineHere Kitty Kitty by SIMPSONSTUDIOThe Sun Worshipper by MichaelMaginnever sunshine by LichtReizePanda by JungleMasterB and W by HelleosThe Warrior 02 by LatexImage:thumb176489276::thumb176487198:Sin City by paigetrashBy a Waterfall, VII by philneffVelocity by MojoKissStockings and Heels by Solus-Photography:thumb176484729:Sam 17 by RawShotzDon't Look Now by KevinStilesMonitor ii by mastertouchNude 1 by candhphotographySam14 by RawShotzHungarian Bride 2 by weathered182Jessy snakeskin dress 03 by DanSOLERIn red by ResonateWithininnocence by OKn-PhotographyStudy in Trichophilia by Solus-PhotographyFeel the light by dark-prince-frMiss Ashke Model by phil--astori:thumb176198872:BROTHEL by alan1828:thumb176187869:Broken by IlyaZubovCan you handle this? by kinkyfeatempty spaces by fernandaduarteOBNOXIOUS by alan1828Great Performances by AisiiSchnegge by ZetbehDCM by stanbFound in Nature by AnitaSadowska:thumb176473194:Sandra 5 by OpticalLimitsNX31 N1 by christophe-lecoqSofia and the abandoned house9 by BateorBareback Beauty II by Colette1982Ace 0082 by jmbamboosumisweet by robertofotoBeauty is the key by heart-ofvintage-laceBareback Beauty by Colette1982When love came here by rimolyne:thumb176464383:Come in my nylon web by dark-prince-frWeb Umbrella by dark-prince-frLeather Dress by TurquoiseIvy17-08-10 2 by Electro--Dollcan you tell time? by ISRangerChild 646 by MichalTokarczukMessy shower by SharonaViciouslick me 04 by franzvonrosenberg:thumb176460461:fiction by keytan:thumb176459889:Machine Gun by MissSoulsmuse-alter ego by yendor09gimp III by ronni:thumb176459433::thumb176459222::thumb176459496:Selective White Grapes by Lefty-Robear:thumb176457259::thumb176458829::thumb176454905::thumb176452287:moist breath 2 by VAMPIdor:thumb176454798:Loving Life-3 by afplcc:thumb176447199:
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Thank you for including my work here. A kitchy selection, indeed. Hoped there will be a review in the form of some lines of text. But it works anyway, it seems.
Thank you so much for the feature!! You know how to make a girl happy :hug:
pachnidelko Aug 27, 2010
thanks 4 adding me!! kisses
KevinStiles Aug 27, 2010  Professional General Artist
thanks for adding me into this collection - i appreciate the recognition...
Awesome that my photos made it in!~ :D
Why does it have to be all women? It seems a little bit unfair. =(
HGnade Aug 25, 2010   Photographer
I was thinking the other day, at what point does fetish art become so ubiquitous that it is pedestrian? I mean, not that these are bad or anything, but I don't think many people are shocked when they see a woman in latex anymore. It's just sort of a thing that no one gives a second thought. Light bondage, leather, latex, fetish wear, etc. barely get a second look anymore from most large portions of the population, so are fetishes still fetishes or are they just regular?
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